Tells Your Online Poker Opponents Could Have and How to Use Them To Your Advantage

The biggest obstacle when reading tells in ​​" target="_blank" rel="noopener">online poker is that you can’t see your opponents and read their body language. But there are certain tells that you can use to gain a better understanding of how they play and how they perceive the game. Here are some key online poker tells to watch out for:

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Players Complaining in the Chat

If you play poker games online and see a player ranting and raving in the chat, chances are they’re having a bad session. You can use this to your advantage and determine their tells from what they’re saying.

Pay attention to the words they use, the tone of voice, and any other clues that might help you understand how they are feeling about what’s going on. You can then use this information to guess their future actions.

Another likely possibility is that these players are on tilt, which means they might play more recklessly. If you think this is the case, exploiting this by playing more aggressively can be beneficial.

Aggressive Betting Patterns

Aggressive players are sometimes easy to spot if you pay attention to their betting patterns. When an opponent bets aggressively, it often means they have a strong hand. If you can note this tell in your opponents’ betting patterns, you can use it to adjust your game accordingly. On the other hand, if you notice an opponent is being overly aggressive with weak hands or bluffing too much without success, you can use these tendencies to your advantage.

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Checking Patterns

When you play poker online, look out for players who routinely check after the flop or turn. It could indicate that they are playing cautiously, as they are likely trying to get a good read on the hand before deciding whether to call or fold.

While checking can also mean a player has a weak hand, take note of the context of situations before you come to any conclusions. If you see a player checking more than once in the same spot, it can mean they are trying to get a better hand-read.

By paying attention to your opponents’ betting and checking patterns, you can gain valuable insight into their playstyle and use this information to make smarter decisions at the table.

Time Taken to Play a Hand

The time it takes a player to make decisions could indicate how confident they are or any potential tells they have. If they take a long time to play their hand, chances are they don’t have the best hand and may be looking for ways to bluff or outdraw you. On the other hand, if they make a decision quickly and confidently, they may have a solid hand.

At the same time, be aware that some players may take a long time to play their hands as part of their poker strategy. It could mean they’re trying to put on an act so you won’t notice their true intentions, or they may simply want to ensure they are making the right decision.

Automatic Continuation Bets

If a player always automatically bets after the flop, no matter their cards, it likely means they are not playing well. It’s an opportunity to steal their blinds by raising them when you know they have nothing. It also indicates that they may be more willing to fold if you push them out of a pot with a big bet.

The same applies to players that make continuation bets right after the turn. If they always do this, they may be trying to bluff you out of the pot. However, if a player does this consistently, they may have a solid hand in their range, so be careful and pay attention to how much your opponents are betting for.

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Checking After Betting

If you see a player checking after they make a bet, this could mean they are weak and don’t have much of a hand. They may be trying to bluff, but they will likely fold if you call them out on it. It’s an easy way to win pots and is something you should be aware of to maximize your profits.

Another thing you can do with this type of player is to try and trap them by checking when they bet. If you know they have a weak hand, you can check behind them and get them to make a mistake by betting on you with nothing.


If you see a player limping into a pot, it usually means they either have a weak hand or are trying to get lucky. The best way to exploit these players is to raise them preflop and try to steal the blinds.

If they call, you can likely win the pot with two cards if they don’t catch something on the flop. However, it’s also possible that they may be limping with a strong hand to trap you, so be aware of this and play tighter when facing these players.

Betting and Folding Immediately

If you notice a player betting and folding immediately, this usually indicates that they are on tilt. It means they are playing recklessly and may be willing to make bad decisions or get out of the pot altogether. You can use this information to your advantage by waiting them out until they make a mistake and then taking advantage of it.

Predict Their Moves Without Seeing Their Faces

These are just a few tells your online poker opponents could have and how to use them. Paying attention to these clues can give you an edge over your opponents and increase your win rate. Remember, the more information you have about your opponent’s playing style, the better off you will be. With this information, you can become a better player and improve your game. Good luck!