Poker Strategy: Fast Playing Explained

Poker is one of the most popular games in the world primarily because of its strategic depth. The beauty of poker’s strategy comes from all its variety. While there are many changing factors in every game, that doesn’t reduce poker’s depth of skill; it adds to it. Players must adapt and improvise instead of having one strategy for every game, significantly reinforcing poker’s depth of skill. It’s one thing to execute a single strategy well, but it’s another to have the game knowledge required to change your strategy and succeed. Players’ strategies must consider their opponents’ playstyles, positions, and cards.

Adapting your strategy to the current game is not a new concept in poker; it’s been there from the start. Now that poker is almost two centuries old, its strategy and metagame have been significantly developed and fleshed out. There are numerous techniques and playstyles, and they all have a purpose. No single strategy is the best, and none are entirely useless. This poker guide will cover one such betting strategy: Fast playing. It will explain what it is, why you should use it, and when to use it.

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What is fast playing?

Fast playing is the exact opposite of slow playing in poker. Slow playing is more well-known and is usually seen as a beginner’s mistake. It is when a player acts passively, checking and making weak bets, even when their hand is strong. It’s a deceptive play meant to lure many players into the pot since they don’t see a raise and then win the pot at the showdown with a strong hand. On the other hand, fast playing is when a player aggressively bets and raises as much as possible, putting a lot of money into the pot very quickly.

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Advantages of fast playing

Fast playing is often seen as superior to slow playing, especially with a strong but vulnerable pre-flop hand like AA. There are several reasons for that:

When not to fast play

While fast playing is a good strategy and is usually preferred over slow playing, it is not always the best course of action. Here are two scenarios where fast play is ineffective:

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Where to practice fast playing

We hope this article taught you about how to play poker through the technique of fast playing. If you want to practice fast play, check out GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room. For several reasons, online poker is superior to physical poker, particularly for those who want to learn the game. It is more convenient to play and allows you to play from anywhere you want. It also allows you to use poker tracking software, which analyzes your gameplay and gives you a detailed breakdown of how to improve. That software even does the same for your opponents, giving you valuable stats you can use to determine their playstyle.